Hidden Functionality
Many modern workstations have hidden SATA ports located on the motherboard. This functionality can be harnessed by external devices, eSATA controller cards are no longer needed.

The Mac Pro is Ready To Go
Hidden just behind the fan module, Apple's Mac Pro sports two SATA ports which work perfectly with CalDigit's eSATA Extender.

More Slots for More Expansion
By not using an eSATA controller card you can save PCI expiation slots and leave more room for more further expansion.

Works with the CalDigit VR
The CalDigit VR works with the CalDigit eSATA Extender!


2 Ports are Better than One
The CalDigit eSATA Extender gives you two eSATA ports. This allows you to connect two* CalDigit VRs to your workstation.

Easy Installation.
Simply attach the CalDigit eSATA Extender to the internal SATA ports and your ready to go!

Top Notch Performance
eSATA provides a fast 3GB/s bus which is nearly 4 times faster that FireWire 800. The CalDigit eSATA Extender in conjunction with he CalDigit VR boasts speeds of up to 220MB/s.

*The eSATA extender does not support hot plugging of additional eSATA devices, even though there are 2 ports. The computer must be shut down prior to adding additional devices. In order use the eSATA hot plugging capabilities with the CalDigit VR, you will need to utilize either the FASTA-1ex, FASTA-2e or FASTA-4e eSATA controller cards.
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