CalDigit. Serious Storage.
The CalDigit AV Pro is the first Single Drive Solution that makes no compromises. It is truly one of the most powerful single drive solutions on the market today. The AV Pro evolves as the storage demands of its users expand.

What is most impressive about the AV Pro is that it can not only accept regular 3.5” HDD’s, but also the much faster, more secure 2.5” SSD’s. When it comes to storage capacity, the AV Pro can store a huge amount of data for such a small device. With a regular 3.5” HDD installed the AV Pro can store up to 4TB of data, and with an SSD installed it will be available in capacities up to 480GB.

Professional Grade

The AV Pro has been optimized for Audio and Video, making it the perfect companion for professional Audio and Video software. The CalDigit AV Pro is powerful enough work with these high end applications, and extremely easy to use.

AV Pro - Key Features
Removable drive module

Supports SSD's & 3.5" HDD's

Single USB 3.0 Port, Two FireWire 800 Ports

Daisy chain multiple devices

Speeds up to 430 MB/s (SSD)

Speeds up to 200 MB/s (HDD)

OS bootable drive

Aluminum design

Grounded power supply

Removable Stand

Kensington Lock

Fully featured Mac OS software

iPhone App

Automatic event notification

Perform drive benchmark tests

Heat dissipating design

Drive modules are compatible with
T-Series enclosures

Power off the unit and maintain your workflow
without breaking a daisy chain connection

Smart Fan

More information about the AV Pro is also available on the CalDigit Blog.

Short Film Edited with the AV Pro

For more information on how the short film was made please click here

Need speed? No Problem !

Due to the fact that the CalDigit AV Pro can accept SSD’s combined with the new UASP Protocol make the AV Pro one of the fastest single drive solutions on the market.

Amazing UAS !

The AV Pro features an exciting new transfer protocol called UAS (USB attached SCSI). UASP allows USB devices to queue multiple commands and execute them out of order in both directions, greatly increasing the efficiency and performance of the interface. In the past, transfers using the older BOT (Bulk Only Transport) protocol only allowed a single, unidirectional command at a given time and did not have the ability to perform out of order requests. Utilizing the efficiency of UASP and the speed of SSDs, the AV Pro is able reach a level of performance previously unattainable by single drive storage solutions.

With an SSD installed the AV Pro can reach speeds of up to 430 MB/s.
Incredible Performance
from a Smaller Form Factor

The kinds of speeds the AV Pro can achieve, in the past, were only possible on much larger, noisier, and more expensive storage solutions.

Test Environment : AV Pro using Intel 520 480GB SATA 6GB SSD connected via USB 3.0 to 2012 Macbook Pro 13”, Intel Core I5 2.5GHz CPU, DDR3-1600MHz 4GB RAM, OS X 10.8. Test conducted using AJA System Test 9.0.1, video frame 2048 x 1556 10-bit RGB, file size 16GB. Test conducted on Aug. 21st, 2012.

Front Side Power Button &
Drive Access LED

The AV Pro features an easy-access front side power button that also acts as a drive access indicator.


Removable Drive Module

The removable drive module design allows the AV Pro to adapt to almost any situation. Increase capacity or performance by simply switching to a larger capacity drive or an SSD. No longer is there a need to purchase an entirely new unit when it is filled to capacity.


Pin Release System

The pin lock mechanism on all CalDigit drive module serve as a basic theft deterrent. Inserting one of the included keys into the pin hole will unlock the drive latch and allow the module to be removed.


Auto-Switching Smart Fan

Since 2.5” drives do not generate as much heat as 3.5” drives, the AV Pro will automatically detect which drive has been installed and will automatically shut off the fan if a 2.5” drive is detected.

Aluminum Chassis

The AV Pro chassis is constructed from aluminum, which is a strong material that is both robust and cost effective. Aluminum is also an ideal choice because of its excellent heat-conductive properties and is also 100% recyclable, which is better for the environment.

Die-Cast Front Panel

The front panel of the AV Pro is made of die-cast aluminum that is 1cm thick. The reinforced front panel protects the drive module opening, eliminating the risk of being unable to remove or replace drives due to damage.

EMI Shielding

The rear interface panel of the AV Pro also has a layer of tinplate EMI shielding underneath to prevent excessive electromagnetic emissions.

30μ Gold-Plated Molex® SATA Connector

Molex is considered to create some of best connectors in regards to signal integrity and reliability. Our Molex SATA connectors are also plated with 30μ inch of gold to ensure reliability throughout its lifetime. These connectors also allow the hard drive to attach directly to the board itself. Data and power are transferred through the board, removing the need to use insecure SATA and power cables, creating less points of failure.

Quality Capacitors

The AV Pro utilizes high quality capacitors which last longer than the typical low cost capacitors used in other products. Our capacitors are more resilient to fluctuations in temperature and current, adding another layer of reliability to our products.

30μ Gold-Plated Amphenol®
Interface Connectors

CalDigit uses high-quality Amphenol USB 3.0 and FireWire 800 interface connectors which utilize 30μ inch or greater of gold plating on their points of contact. Amphenol is world-renowned for making high quality connectors that are built to last.

Multiple Cooling Design

The AV Pro features both active and passive cooling systems that allow the drive to stay in nominal operating temperatures at all times. When using SSDs, the active cooling system can be disabled due to the low heat yield of flash storage.

Removable drive design

When you purchase an AV Pro you are no longer tied down to the storage capacity that you bought. The hot swappable drive module on the front of the unit allows users to take out the drive and add a new one. This is perfect for people who need to conveniently move data across edit suites - they can take the drive module out of an AV Pro, and put it into another AV Pro in a different location, and access the data on the drive. Other single drive solutions on the market do not have this functionality, which is why the AV Pro can expand as the storage demands of your projects increase.

The CalDigit AV Pro’s removable hot swappable drive module not only works with other AV Pro’s, but can also be used with the CalDIgit T3 - creating a synergy between CalDigit storage that is truly unparalleled.

Archive Box

All additional drive modules that users can purchase for the AV Pro come packaged in a sturdy Archive Box for safe and secure storage. This is ideal for people who are taking advantage of the AV Pro's bus powered feature and are using their AV Pro on location, needing to protect any extra drive modules from bumps, and scrapes! The Archive Boxes are also ideal for users who want to safely store and organize their additional drive modules for later use, in the event that you need to access that data in the future. Do you work on projects across multiple offices or locations? If so the AV Pro's Archive Box is an ideal solution for transporting your drives from location to location, safe in knowledge that your valuable data is protected.


The AV Pro can be bus-powered when used with 2.5” SSD’s - perfect for use on location to back up valuable data without the need for a power source. If you’re filming on location, and need to back up your video files, or your DSLR’s RAW photo files, but don’t have a power source available - the AV Pro can run off your computer’s power. There is truly no excuse not to back up your data - even in the field!


Daisy Chain

Dual FireWire 800 ports on the AV Pro allow easy daisy chaining to other FireWire devices, which can be extremely useful when open FireWire 800 ports are in short supply.

SSD Ready

Solid state drives (SSDs) are the future of high performance storage. They do not contain any moving parts which make them more resilient to shock and extreme temperatures. Not only are they more robust than traditional hard drives, they also offer much higher performance. An AV Pro equipped with a SSD drive module can reach speeds surpassing multiple drive RAID solutions containing traditional hard drives.

SKU U3 Only:
HDD- 1TB (591903), 2TB (591914), 3TB (591920), 4TB (591915)
SSD- 240GB (591901), 480GB (591902)

HDD- 1TB (591303), 2TB (591314), 3TB (591320), 4TB (591315)
SSD- 240GB (591301), 480GB (591302)

Interface 1x USB 3.0 port
2x FireWire 800 ports
Interface transfer rates USB 3.0- up to 5Gbps
FireWire 800- up to 800Mbps
Capacity HDD- Up to 4TB
SSD- Up to 480GB
1 Year Warranty
LED Notification Front LED light indicating drive use, and status
Minimum System Requirements USB3.0/FW800- Latest version of Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 / Mac OSX 10. 5 and above
System Environment Operating Temperature: 0°C ~ 35°C (32°F ~ 95°F)
Storage Temperature: -20°C ~ 60°C (-4°F ~ 140°F)
Dimensions • Height: 5.8 inches (147 mm)
• Width: 1.8 inches (45.5 mm)
• Depth: 9.5 inches (241.5 mm)
Weight Housing = 3.09lb (1.40kg)
Housing + SSD = 3.26lb (1.48kg)
Housing + 3.5” HDD = 4.37lb (1.98kg)
Power Supply AC Power Adapter Full range
Output: DC 12V, 3A Max
Fan Size: 40(L) x 40(W) x 10(H) mm
Rated Voltage: DC 12V
In the Box • 1 x CalDigit AV Pro
• 1 x Drive Module
• 1 x USB 3.0 Cable
• 1 x AC Adapter
• 1 x Drive Key
• 1 x Drive Stand
• 1 x Manual (Preinstalled)

Use of this product is subject to acceptance of the software license agreements included. Product contains electronic documentation. 1TB (Terabyte) = 1000GB. 1GB = 1,000,000,000 bytes. Total accessible capacity varies depending upon operating environment (typically 5–10% less).
Burst transfer rates will vary from one computer to another. Depending on the host configuration, average speeds are usually lower. Weight varies by configuration and manufacturing process.

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TweakTown Rating: 95% .

CalDigit enclosures are rather unique in that each of their drive "modules" comes in an archiving case to protect the drive from a myriad of disasters... At first glance the AV Pro from CalDigit is elegant. In fact, as soon as I pulled the enclosure out of the box, it put a smile on my face. Something about holding a heavy, well-built enclosure just does that. I am sure most of you, in the past or even now, have used cheaply built enclosures made out of plastic, maybe that enclosure fell off your desk and shattered and now you're in the market for something with a bit more class...Performance of this enclosure was exceptional with both the SSD and HDD. While the SSD was able to hit blazing speeds of 450MB/s read and 444MB/s write in our ATTO bench test, the hard drive module was equally impressive with its 180MB/s read and write…Read More…

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CalDigit AV Pro
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Die ausziehbare Schublade bietet sowohl einer HDD als auch SSD einen Platz an. Bei den SSDs könnt ihr bis 480 GB maximale Grösse gehen, bei den HDDs sogar bis zu einer Grösse von 4TB. Somit seid ihr Flexibel in der Wahl des Speichermediums, je nachdem war ihr benötigt. Schnelligkeit, dann solltet ihr die SSD wählen, wenn es euch aber um möglichst viel Speicherplatz gehen ist natürlich die HDD die richtige Wahl. Read More…

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Bootable & Native OS support

The CalDigit AV Pro is a Mac OSX supported device, your CalDigit drive will never require a driver update, ever. It just works!

The AV Pro also supports OSX bootable. You now have the ability to run your operating system through the AV Pro's interfaces. This means that mobile users can use their external bootable AV Pro to free themselves from the constraint of fixed workstations, allowing the flexibility to shift users to different machines as efficiently as possible. The boot up time is lightening fast with less waiting time on the startup and login screens, allowing you to get a head start on any task.

Powerful Drive Monitoring Softwares for Mac OS & iPhone

The AV Pro includes a unique piece of software, providing at-a-glance drive monitoring - how you want, where you want, when you want. It gives users a rich, graphical, full-featured view of how your CalDigit AV Pro is performing in real-time. It also contains features such as diagnostic reports and email notification.

Apple and their iOS devices presented CalDigit with the perfect canvas to reinvent simple drive management. Monitoring your AV Pro drive remotely at your fingertips has never been easier and more convenient. The CalDigit iOS App, is designed to allow customers to monitor their high-performance CalDigit AV Pro drives worldwide-directly from your iPhone.


The CalDigit Drive Utility allow the user to:

Monitor multiple AV Pro, as well as T1 and T2 systems from multiple
locations at once

At-a-glance health indicators for each system's temperature, SMART
information and disk status

Ability to email or contact our support team in the unlikely event of
component failure

Works with direct IP addresses

Disk benchmark test Bitrate calculator

CalDigit Drive Assistant
The CalDigit AV Pro comes preloaded with CalDigit Drive Assistant which makes it easy to install and format the AV Pro. It also contains the CalDigit USB 3.0 driver, CalDigit AV Pro manual backup software.
Time Machine® Ready
The CalDigit AV Pro is Time Machine® ready. The blazing speeds of the CalDigit AV Pro makes Time Machine® backups fast, and saves you time when restoring data.