How long is the CalDigit warranty?

The CalDigit warranty is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

What is covered in the CalDigit warranty?

The CalDigit warranty covers your product against any malfunction or damage that has not resulted from a number of events, including accident, liquid spill or submersion, unauthorized service and unauthorized modifications. The CalDigit warranty also provides you with CalDigit tech support for 1 year.

Where can I find the CalDigit warranty policy?

A PDF of the CalDigit warranty policy can be found here.

How do I check if my CalDigit product is still under warranty?

Please provide CalDigit with your product's serial number and be sure to have your sales receipt or invoice handy. You can find the serial number on your CalDigit product. There is a 6-8 digit number labeled S/N (P/N is the product number ad is not needed) on a silver label, like the following pictures:

What if my CalDigit product does not have a serial number sticker?

If you find that your CalDigit product does not have a serial number sticker, it's possible that you have gotten a fraudulent product from and un authorized source. CalDigit custom builds and tests all products to order, and are all provided with serial number sticker as well as digitally. Unfortunately CalDigit cannot honor any warranty without a valid serial number.

What are the steps for getting a CalDigit product repaired or replaced while under warranty?

1. Contact CalDigit support to trouble shoot any issue first.
2. CalDigit support with verify your warranty status using your product serial number.
3. CalDigit support will provide you with an RMA number and shipping instructions.
4. Ship back your defective product for repair or replacement, be sure to include return shipping instructions.
5. CalDigit will repair or replace your product and ship it back to you.

How much will service be if I’m in warranty?

Warranty service for eligible repairs is available at no charge for twelve months from the date of purchase. However, you will be responsible for all expenses incurred in transporting your CalDigit product to the CalDigit repair facility.

What will void my warranty?

CalDigit's Warranty excludes coverage for damage resulting from a number of events, including accident, liquid spill or submersion, unauthorized service and unauthorized modifications. In addition the product is excluded from warranty if; its warranty period has expired, the label attached to any screw, which marked with “WARRANTY VOID IF REMOVED,” is destroyed or removed, the product has been misused, man-caused, or subjected to unauthorized disassembly. If damage is outside the scope of warranty coverage, service may be available, but all service charges will be your responsibility.

I put my own drives into a CalDigit product, do I still have my warranty?

No, using your own drives voids the CalDigit warranty.

Who pays transport when returning a CalDigit product for warranty repair or replacement?

For those products which are not DOA (Defective-on-Arrival), the transportation charges for returning the faulty unit to CalDigit will be at customer's expense. The fees for shipping the repaired unit or replacement from CalDigit to customers will be at CalDigit’s expense. Should there be DOA, CalDigit will take full responsibility for transportation charges of round-way shipping for faulty and replacement unit. Expedited shipping options are available, at the customer's expense, if requested.

How long will my CalDigit service take?

Service times often depend on the nature of the issue and the availability of service parts. Be sure to ask how long service will take when you set up service with CalDigit's technical support team.

If I return a defective product to CalDigit for repair, will my data stored in there be recovered?

The repair service is limited to the hardware. CalDigit cannot guarantee the integrity of data remaining after the hardware is repaired. We also make no provision for the service of data recovery.

Are there advanced replacement options?

CalDigit understands that users rely on their CalDigit products and makes every effort to provide users with the best service and support. In the unlikely event you need to repair or replace your CalDigit product that is still covered under the CalDigit warranty, CalDigit my be able to provide you with some advance replacement or cross ship options. You'll need contact your CalDigit support representative for further information regarding your case.

What is an RMA number and how can I get one?

RMA stands for Return Merchandise Authorization. All products being sent back to CalDigit require an RMA number, regardless of repair or replacement. To obtain an RMA number please contact CalDigit Support. Have your CalDigit serial number handy.

What if my product is discontinued and cannot be repaired or replaced?

In the unlikely event that CalDigit cannot repair or replace your product, CalDigit will provide equivalent product of equal or greater value.