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First Published: 6/16/2011       Last Modified: 6/16/2011      Last Modified by: FL   
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Products Affected:   SuperShare, HDPro24

The HDPro24's power supplies rating is 700 Watts.
- There are three 350W power supplies. They are running at a "2+1 Redundant" configuration, which means two of the power supplies are working together to provide power, while the remaining one will serve as redundant power supply for safety failure backup (take over any failed power supply).
- This is maximum output level (bascially what the power supplies are capable of), not its actual output.

Under our actual real time test report:

HDPro24: Maximum power consumption (with HDD) is 337.27W
SuperShare: Maximum power consumption is 139.92W

Together, the minimum power requirement for the UPS backup is 500W or above.