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First Published: 8/16/2011       Last Modified: 8/16/2011      Last Modified by: LL   
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You may experience much slower read performance on CalDigit's units such as HDPro2 or HDPro-24, in the meantime, you are having difficulty to partition the RAID array in disk utility or disk manager.

Products Affected:   HDPro & HDPro2, HDPro24

If you are experiencing slower than expected performance (especially on the read IO) on your HDPro-24 or HDPro2, or having trouble formatting or partitioning the volumes, it could be the followings:

1. Corrupted firmware. Please try to reload or update the system code on your unit through RAIDShield GUI.
2. Bad memory module. This can be identified easier if you are using HDPro-24 or you have spare memory module from CalDigit. You can replace the memory module from the slower controller with the one from another controller (HDPro-24) or brand new memory module. Then try again with the speed test.

3. Please also check the event log from RAIDShield. If you see any timeout event from any of the disks, it indicates that particular disk has bad sector and should be replaced as early as possible. Please back up your data if you are in RAID 5 settings.

Please contact CalDigit for evaluation and replacement.

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