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First Published: 7/6/2012       Last Modified: 9/10/2012      Last Modified by: FL   
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Products Affected:   HDPro & HDPro2, HDOne, CalDigit RAID Card, HDElement, HDPro24

To unlock a "B" (blocked) drive via the RAIDShield

1. Turn off the Beeper
- RAIDShield > Preference > un-check Beeper > click OK to confirm

2. Backup the data
- This is a recommendation, not a requirement. You can choose to skip this step.
- RAID 5 allows one drive failure only, which you already used up that protection. IF another drive failure occurs among the remaining drives (before the rebuild finishes), you would lose all your data. *Backup the data will not increase or decrease the chance of another drive failure.

3. Unlock drive
- RAIDShield > Advanced > Unlock Drive > select "B" drive > confirm the unlock process

4. Rebuild start
- After the unlock, the rebuilding process will start automatically. Depends on the total capacity size, this process may take up to several hours.
- During the rebuilding, the "B" icon would change to a blue "1" icon.
- While the RAID's rebuilding, the CalDigit unit would be slow (due to the rebuilding process).

5. Rebuild finish
- The blue "1" icon would change back to a green "1" icon (like the remaining working drives)
- If the rebuilding taking more than 24 hours, that means the "B" drive is bad >>>> Drive need to be replaced.
- If the same "B" drive having issue again within the next 30 days >>> Drive need to be replaced.

6. Turn ON the beeper
- RAIDShield > Preference > check Beeper > click OK to confirm

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