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First Published: 9/25/2009       Last Modified: 9/25/2009      Last Modified by: LL   
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You may encounter frame drop problem in Final Cut Pro.

Products Affected:   CalDigit VR & mini

1. Make sure VR's Turbo mode is on.
What is Turbo Mode on the CalDigit VR?

2. Disable "Spotlight" indexing on your VR if you are using Mac OSX.

Go to System Preference -> Spotlight Preference -> Privacy
Then drag your VR drive from desktop to the "Privacy".

3. Reset PRAM.
Resetting your Mac's PRAM and NVRAM

4. Check the System and Disks Temperature from the LCD menu or RAIDTool software. If your turbo mode is on, you will not be able to read the disk temperature. You can turn off the Turbo mode, check the temperatures. If the drive is in high temperature all the time, it will slow down the performance for sure. Remember to turn on the Turbo mode before you do the editing.

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