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First Published: 1/4/2013       Last Modified: 1/9/2013      Last Modified by: FL   
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Products Affected:   HDPro & HDPro2, HDOne, CalDigit RAID Card, HDElement, CalDigit VR & mini, S2VR HD, FASTA-4e, FASTA-4x, FASTA-2e, FASTA-1ex, AV Drive & AV Pro, SuperShare, HDPro24, FASTA-6GU3

The 2.2TB limitation is causing by the Windows MBR (Master Boot Record), which the limitation only allow the user to access the frontal 2.2TB space. To access the entire space, the drive must be convert to a GPT (GUID Partition Table) disk.

There are two ways of converting to the GPT:

1st method: Right click & Select "Convert to GPT Disk". Once the conversion is completed, the user would be able to format the entire space.

2nd method: Clean Disk

2a. Go to START, type in "cmd" and launch the Command Prompt

2b. In Command Prompt, type "diskpart" and hit Enter.

2c. Once the DISKPART is running, type "list disk" and hit Enter.

2d. Among the listed disks, locate the "Drive #" for the CalDigit drive.

2e. Type "select disk #"
- Do NOT pick the wrong disk, the next step will erase the selected disk and delete its data.
- For example: if the CalDigit drive is listed as "Disk 3", please type "select disk 3"

2f. After the DISKPART is showing "The disk x is now selected.", type "clean" and hit Enter.

2g. After the DISKPART finished the clean process, please close the Command Prompt.

2h. At this point, the Windows Disk Management will ask the user to initialize the CalDigit drive. Please select GPT and proceed with the format processes.
- sample format instruction:

2i. After the format process is completed, the new partition / drive would cover the entire space.

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