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First Published: 8/11/2017       Last Modified: 8/11/2017      Last Modified by: LL   
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Products Affected:   AV Pro 2

AV Pro 2 provides up to 30W to charge your Windows or Mac laptops through USB-C interface.
As soon as AV Pro 2 connects to your laptop, it will start charging it. It is important to note that the AV Pro 2 will continue to charge your Windows laptops, MacBook or MacBook Pro as long as the AV Pro 2 remains connected to your computer—even after manually powering the drive down using its power button. In order to completely cease charging, you must disconnect the A/C adapter from your AV Pro 2 or disconnect AV Pro 2 from your laptop.

The front power button is only to power on and off AV Pro 2's drive and USB Hub behind it. It can not control laptop charging feature.

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