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Analizamos el disco Tuff, perfecto para un MacBook Pro con USB-C
by Raúl de las Heras

"......un gadget de almacenamiento externo excelente…"... Read More…

CalDigit Tuff 1TB Portable SSD Review
by Tyler Bernath

"...there is no denying solid performance and durability in one package."... Read More…

CalDigit Tuff Drive is a Well Protected Portable Drive for Your Mac
by iDB

The most Extreme SSD Ever? Caldigit Tuff USB-C & ThunderBolt 3 SSD : REVIEW
by iftibashir

Review: CalDigit's Tuff 1 TB SSD Brings Fast, Rugged, Portable Storage to the Latest Macs
by Eric Slivka

"...if you need the speed and ruggedness you can get with an SSD, the Tuff is a great option."... Read More…

CalDigit Tuff USB-C 1TB SSD Review - Solid State Rugged / Waterproof Hard Drive
by Lon.TV

"...Adding in a solid state drive to an already very rugged case will make this drive very difficult to damage out in extreme (or not so extreme) environments."... Read More…

Fstoppers Reviews the New CalDigit TUFF 1 TB Portable SSD
by Dylan Goldby

"...if you need that extra speed and peace-of-mind, this is the drive to go for"...
Read More…

VISUALS PRODUCER CalDigit Tuff 1TB SSD comes out on top

"It all depends on your needs, of course, but to me it looks like the Tuff 1TB SSD comes out on top."... Read More…

Recensione CalDigit Tuff. Ottimo HD esterno 2TB USB-C
by Marco Murgia

"Il CalDigit Tuff riesce nel suo scopo di presentarsi al pubblico come quello che può essere considerato un hd esterno rugged privo di difetti."... Read More…

Hands-on: CalDigit Tuff Drive 1TB SSD – a solid portable drive for MacBook Pro users
by Jeff Benjamin

"CalDigit’s SSD Tuff Drive is a solid choice that should be considered."... Read More…

Recensione: CalDigit Tuff, 2TB pronti a tutto
di Maurizio Natali

"CalDigit Tuff è la nuova soluzione che sfida la concorrenza, proponendosi con un bel design, specifiche migliori ed un prezzo inferiore"... Read More…

Review: CalDigit Tuff 2TB USB C Durable Drive
by Jim Kerr

"The CalDigit Tuff is a great option if you require a sturdy portable drive that benefits from the USB C specification. It offers speedy performance, great looks and a reasuringly rugged design."...
Read More…

CalDigit Tuff USB-C Review - The Best Hard Drive for a MacBook?
by Zach Blickstein

CalDigit TUFF 2TB USB 3.1 Type-C External Drive Review
by Ogy Stoilov

"For me, the rugged build quality is very important as well, after years of using only LaCie rugged drives, I am definitely considering replacing all my external drives with the CalDigit TUFF.

The CalDigit TUFF 2TB is an excellent choice for a secure backup in extreme environments and especially when using the drive as a temporary field backup – this way you don’t only have your footage copied on your laptop."... Read More…

Caldigit Tuff USB-C Hard Drive Review
by zollotech

by MrThaiBox123

Fstoppers Reviews the Caldigit TUFF 2 TB USB Type-C Waterproof Portable Hard Drive
by Dylan Goldby

"I stepped it up by dropping it off a moving motorcycle (only about 20 km/h, but that should be enough to destroy a regular drive) and down a flight of stairs. The rubber case didn't even show a scratch after these two tests. But, it was quite dusty and needed a shower. Who was I to refuse? I gave each side of the drive 10 minutes under the shower in my hotel, and then, just because I was in Vietnam, hit it with the "bum-gun" as well. After drying it out, I opened the seal over the USB port and plugged it in. The drive powered up and my copy test still passed with flying colors — not a single error."...
Read More…

CalDigit Tuff

"Not only is the CalDigit Tuff a rugged hard drive designed to survive extreme conditions, it's also a terrific value."
"...the CalDigit Ruff leapfrogs as our new top pick for rugged hard drives."
Read More…

by Karl Conrad

CalDigit Tuff 2TB Review
by Adam Armstrong

...Users that go on location, and need a drive that gives them enough performance, capacity, and the ability to take a few hits, need to look no farther than the CalDigit Tuff 2TB. Read More…

CalDigit Tuff 2TB USB 3.1 Type-C External HDD Review
by yler Bernath I briefly mentioned above, is the best I have seen for a 2.5-inch external HDD in the four years I have been writing for TweakTown...Overall, the Tuff is the perfect drive for holding backups or even media you want to take with you on your travels. Read More…

CalDigit’s ‘Tuff’ USB-C portable hard drive is a good choice for on-the-go MacBook owners
by Jeff Benjamin

......I’ve tried several different USB-C enabled hard drives with my MacBook, such as G-Technology’s G Drive, but the CalDigit Tuff is my favorite MacBook external drive thus far. It features a rugged design that can stand up to dust and spills, comes with a silicon protector in a variety of colors, is bus-powered, and SSD models will feature even faster transfer speeds on future hardware. There’s also that handy archive case that the unit ships in, which is great for stowing the Tuff drive along with its included cables..... Read More…


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