CalDigit Authorized Reseller Requirements

To qualify for acceptance into the program, your business must meet the following requirements:

1. Maintain Current Business Information

Maintain accurate and up-to-date company information throughout the term of your reseller relationship with CalDigit. For example, if contact information changes, you open a new store location, change your name – let us know immediately.

2. Obey the Law, Abide by Policy Rules

Comply with all applicable laws, rules, regulations & policies related to advertising, sale & marketing of CalDigit Products.

3. Disclose All Retail Locations That Carry CalDigit

Recognize that qualifying retail locations can only be one of the following: your physical brick & mortar store(s), your commerce-enabled website(s), commerce-enabled 3rd party online marketplaces, temporary storefronts (events, trade shows, pop up stores).

4. Report Sell-Thru

Be prepared to report sell-thru information by SKU & approved retail location upon request.

5. Serve Customer Needs

Provide a level of sales support & customer support for our customers that, at a minimum, demonstrates industry best practices.

6. ONLY Purchase CalDigit Products directly from CalDigit, or from your assigned CalDigit Authorized Distributor.

DON’T buy CalDigit products from other retailers, or from sources not explicitly endorsed by CalDigit.

7. ONLY sell CalDigit products to end consumers in approved retail locations.

DON’T sell on sites such as forums, eBay, Amazon, or other online 3rd Party Marketplaces etc. without permission from CalDigit.

DON’T sell CalDigit products to other retailers or exporters.

DON’T sell CalDigit products on websites or in retail locations not disclosed in your Authorized Reseller Application AND approved in advance by CalDigit.

8. ONLY sell CalDigit products to end consumers in your assigned territory / primary country of business.

DON’T sell or ship CalDigit products to international customers if your territory is in the USA.

DON’T sell or ship CalDigit products to end consumers online if your territory does not include the online channel.

9. ONLY sell CalDigit products in original packaging.

DON’T alter original CalDigit packaging in ANY way prior to reselling CalDigit products.

DON’T remove CalDigit products from packaging and resell in different packaging, or under a different name.

DON’T integrate CalDigit products into your own, or 3rd party products and sell as bundles without a license from CalDigit.

DON'T under any circumstance sell any CalDigit part or accessory separately from it's original intent without written approval from CalDigit.

DON'T under any circumstance sell any CalDigit with drives that have not been serialized by CalDigit.

10. Abide by CalDigit’s Trademark & Brand Policy Guidelines.

DON’T set up businesses, register website domain names or social media usernames that contain any of our trademarks.

DON’T use unapproved marketing materials (such as photos & copy) for CalDigit products.

DON’T advertise CalDigit products in ways that violate the terms of these Reseller Requirements or Minimum Resale Price Policy.

11. Support our branded online community & abide by our Social Media Guidelines for Authorized Resellers

12. Demonstrate Your CalDigit Expertise

Demonstrate that you and/or your employees understand how to successfully operate CalDigit storage solutions & accessories during activities related to the primary vertical / target customer indicated on your application.