Minimum Advertised Price Policy

CalDigit is dedicated to supplying products of the highest caliber and providing consumers an equally high-quality purchase experience. To support these objectives, CalDigit has established a unilateral minimum advertised price policy designed to protect both the quality image of its products and the CalDigit brand name and related trademarks as well as encourage pre- and post-sale customer support to help ensure customer satisfaction.

CalDigit recognizes that any authorized CalDigit account can make its own decisions to advertise and sell any CalDigit product at any price it chooses without consulting or advising CalDigit. CalDigit similarly has the right to make its own independent decisions regarding the distribution of its products and selection of resellers, and this Policy sets forth certain CalDigit policies with respect to such activities.

CalDigit will maintain an updated “MAP Products” list of those products that will fall under this Policy, along with the then-current MAP price. CalDigit reserves the right to update or modify this list and the MAP price at any time.

CalDigit reserves the right to cancel all orders and indefinitely refuse to accept any new orders from a reseller, and discontinue the reseller’s authorized reseller status, following CalDigit’s verification that such reseller has advertised or sold any MAP Products at a net retail sales price less than the then-current MAP price established by CalDigit, or if reseller has violated this Policy in any other way.

From time to time, CalDigit may specifically authorize resellers to advertise or sell MAP Products at prices lower than the MAP price. In such events, CalDigit reserves the right to modify or suspend the MAP price with respect to the affected products for a specified period of time by providing reasonable advance notice to all resellers of such changes, and such changes shall apply equally to all resellers.

CalDigit’s sales representatives are NOT permitted to discuss this Policy or make any agreements or assurances with respect to CalDigit’s Policy regarding reseller advertising or pricing. CalDigit does not ask for, and will not accept, any assurances of future compliance with this Policy as a condition of continuing supply or reinstatement.

CalDigit reserves the right to modify, suspend or discontinue this Policy in whole or in part at any time. This Policy supersedes all previous policies and will remain in effect unless CalDigit amends or replaces it.

Any questions regarding this Policy or any aspect of this Policy should be addressed to the CalDigit Sales Department.