CalDigit Authorized Reseller Program

CalDigit’s mission is to create performance products that provide the best storage solutions for creative professionals. We know that our retail and dealer partners are critical to helping us spread the CalDigit experience to consumers around the world, and that you invest time and resources to train knowledgeable staff and ensure compelling in-store experiences. In return, we are committed to continuing to develop and deliver innovative products that generate strong interest–and bring traffic into your stores.

All authorized CalDigit resellers have a responsibility to ensure ongoing compliance with the below policies & requirements to maintain your authorized status:

Requirements & Responsibilities
Reseller Ecommerce Requirements
Minimum Resale Price Policy

To become a CalDigit authorized reseller please fill out the correct CalDigit Reseller Application:

You may fill out the PDF version of the CalDigit Reseller Application and email it to the CalDigit sales department, however you will also need to eventually send a signed copy via fax for standard mail.

Only the grayed areas of the the application are required to be filled out to become a reseller. For credit terms, all fields must be filled in. Before proper terms are set up for your account, your first 60 days of orders with CalDigit Inc. will be processed as COD, Cash/Cashier or Check/Credit card. Terms are not available in all regions and are subject to approval.

Choose the correct region for your application:
North & South America
The United Kingdom and Europe
Asia Pacific & the Middle East

To contact the CalDigit sales department in your region:

North & South America
+1 714 572 6668

The United Kingdom and Europe
+44 (0) 845 835 0372

Asia Pacific & the Middle East
+886 2 8226 3966

About CalDigit

CalDigit has specialized in creating storage solutions for creative professionals for over ten years. CalDigit was the first to provide external PCIe storage as well the first to bring USB 3.0 to the Mac. CalDigit products are designed to provide users with reliability, performance, style and flexibility. CalDigit is a single vendor support company; we design, build, and assemble all of our products. This results in the ability to provide users with unparalleled support and service. Corporate headquarters are located in Orange County, California, with local branches in Asia and Europe.