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The CalDigit Thunderbolt™ Station 2 is the successor to the original Thunderbolt™ Station that brought a new level of connectivity to modern streamlined computers via a single Thunderbolt™ cable. The Thunderbolt™ Station 2’s design combines the original Thunderbolt™ Station’s outstanding functionality with a host of new features to create the ultimate Thunderbolt™ device.

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4K All The Way

CalDigit has always been on the cutting-edge, and 4K video is the future of filmmaking. The Thunderbolt™ Station 2 can be integrated as part of a powerful 4K workflow. This includes connecting professional 4K devices for a complete 4K set-up.

Stand-Alone Charging

If you often find yourself turning on your computer to charge your iPhone, iPad, or other USB device, then the Thunderbolt™ Station 2’s front facing USB 3.0 port will come in handy. It features stand-alone charging that will charge devices even when it is not connected to a computer.
Highest Quality Display

Not only can you connect any HDMI monitor to the Thunderbolt™ Station 2, but you have the option of using a 4K HDMI monitor that is 4 times the resolution of HD video. Whether you’re a professional user who needs the very best display, someone who watches movies on their computer, or even a gamer, the Thunderbolt™ Station 2’s HDMI connection provides the very best image quality.
Professional Connections

Professional users need the flexibility of multiple connections. Whether you’re using Thunderbolt™, USB 3.0 or eSATA, the Thunderbolt™ Station 2 offers the best connectivity options available for professional accessories.
Fast & Powerful USB 3.0

We all have countless USB devices that constantly need charging. If you’re connecting iPhones, iPads, hard drives, card readers, or cameras to your computer, you can rest assured that the SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports on the Thunderbolt™ Station 2 provide enough power to charge all your devices. Even if your computer does not have USB 3.0 ports, the Thunderbolt™ Station 2 will allow you to take advantage of this flexible interface.

Designed For You

The versatile design allows you to
pick either a vertical or horizontal position when using the Thunderbolt™ Station 2. If desk space is at a minimum, the vertical position will free up valuable space. You can choose the position that’s right for you.
Dual Thunderbolt™ 2 Ports

Dual Thunderbolt™ 2 ports allow users to daisy-chain the Thunderbolt™ Station 2 as part of six Thunderbolt™ devices. Thunderbolt™ 2 takes the dual 10Gb/s bi-directional channels of the original Thunderbolt™ interface and combines them into one 20Gb/s bi-directional channel.
Speed Up Your
Internet Connection

WiFi is incredibly convenient, but for the most stable connection available Gigabit Ethernet cannot be beaten, especially if you are streaming movies or music. Modern computers are missing Ethernet ports and the Thunderbolt™ Station 2 brings them back to allow you to take advantage of uninterrupted downloads.
Empower Your Sound

Connecting audio devices to the Thunderbolt™ Station 2 brings the convenience of plugging in microphones, and headphones without the need of having those devices connected to a computer. This is an ideal solution for users who record podcasts, listen to music, or play games.
Aluminum Construction

Unlike other Thunderbolt™ expansion docks, the Thunderbolt™ Station 2 is built from 100% aluminum that helps dissipate heat. The Titanium Grey aesthetic of the Thunderbolt™ Station 2 compliments the new Mac Pro design.
Simply Disconnect

When you have a device that brings all your peripherals together you need a way to safely disconnect all of them in one go. The Thunderbolt Station Utility allows you to eject those devices with a single press of a button, saving you the hassle of ejecting each peripheral individually. This simple yet powerful time saving solution makes disconnecting your Thunderbolt™ Station 2 from your Mac incredibly easy.
Click here to download the free CalDigit Thunderbolt Station Utility.

CalDigit Thunderbolt™ Station 2 Belkin Thunderbolt 2 Express Dock HD Elgato Thunderbolt 2 Dock
Available Interfaces Dual Thunderbolt 2 Ports  |  4K HDMI  |  1 x Ethernet RJ-45  |  3 x USB 3.0 (5Gb/s)  |  1 x Audio Out  |  1 x Mic In
eSATA Port x 2 (6Gb/s) Yes No No
Total Number of Interfaces 7 6 6
Total Number of Ports 10 8 8
Dual Display Support Yes* Yes* Yes*
*Simultaneous dual display is supported when using a Thunderbolt display and another Non-Thunderbolt Display (HDMI, DVI, mDP). To support TWO Non-Thunderbolt displays simultaneously, more than one Thunderbolt devices must be connected on the same daisy chain. (i.e. CalDigit TS2 + another Thunderbolt device)
Orientation (Vertical or Horizontal) Yes No No
Professional Fanless Heatsink Design Yes No No
Solid Die-Cast Aluminum Construction Yes No No
Front Facing LED Power Indicator Yes Yes No
Stand Alone Charging Yes Yes Yes
One Click Software Yes No Yes
Unit Dimension 5.2" x 3.88" x 1.71" 8.19" x 3.48" x 1.11" 7.9" x 3.2" x 1.1"
Foot Print - Vertical (Square Inch) 6.63 in² Not Possible Not Possible
Foot Print - Horizontal (Square Inch) 20.1 in² 28.5 in² 27.7 in²
Warranty 2 Years 1 Year 1 Year
MSRP $199.99* $299.99** $229.95**
*A Thunderbolt cable is not included.
**A Thunderbolt cable is included.

Technical Specifications

Interface 2 x Thunderbolt™ 2 Ports
1 x HDMI 1.4b
1 x Gigabit Ethernet RJ-45
3 x USB 3.0 (1x Front, 2x Rear)
2 x eSATA 6G Ports
1 x Stereo Headphone 3.5mm
1 x Mono Microphone 3.5mm
System Requirements Thunderbolt™ enabled computer
Windows 7, 8 & Windows 10
Mac OS X 10.8.4 or later
: 4.92 inches (125 mm)
: 1.71 inches (43.5 mm)
: 3.88 inches (98.5 mm)
: 1.34 lbs (0.61 kgs)
Environment Ambient Operating Temperature:
32°F ~ 158°F (0°C ~ 70°C)
Power Supply Adapter Full range AC Input:
100V-240V ~ 50/60Hz 1.5A max
DC Output: DC 12V/5.0A
In the Box 1 x CalDigit Thunderbolt™ Station 2
1 x Power Supply
1 x Power Cord
2 x Rubber Feet Strips
Compliance FCC, CE, RoHS
*Thunderbolt™ and the Thunderbolt™ logo are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the United States and other countries.
**Information regarding the Belkin Thunderbolt™ Express Dock was obtained from Belkin's website
***Information regarding the Elgato Thunderbolt 2 Dock was obtained from Elgato's website

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