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Thunderbolt 3 not only doubles the performance of the previous generation of Thunderbolt, it takes it to a whole new level. Thunderbolt 3 allows us to achieve incredible performance and expand our connectivity like never before.

What is Thunderbolt™ 3?

Thunderbolt has revolutionized connectivity during the last decade. The original version brought high-performance connectivity, whilst the second iteration doubled that performance and added higher-resolution display connectivity.

The latest generation of Thunderbolt has added features that go beyond what came before, helping to make Thunderbolt 3 the most powerful and convenient interface of them all.

Laptop Charging

Arguably the greatest feature of Thunderbolt 3 is it’s ability to provide 100W of PD (Power Delivery). But what does this mean for Thunderbolt 3 users? It allows external docking devices or storage devices to provide power to your laptop all through a single Thunderbolt 3 cable. This means that you do not need to use your laptop’s charging cable to recharge your laptop.

With limited ports there needs to be a way of connecting legacy devices such as USB and monitors to your laptop. Thunderbolt 3 docking solutions solve this problem by providing single cable charging and connectivity in a compact device. Simply connect one cable to your laptop and all your devices will be connected and charging your laptop.

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Dual 4K Displays

The 40Gb/s throughput of Thunderbolt 3 allows users to conveniently connect dual monitors up to 4K 60Hz resolution. Many users are connecting two displays to their laptops for an easier workflow. By using a docking solution, you can connect dual monitors and have a total of three displays, including your laptop monitor.
Thunderbolt 3 RAID

For professional users looking to take their performance to the next level, or for casual users that just want to get things done faster, Thunderbolt 3 storage devices take advantage of the 40Gb/s throughput to produce incredible speeds.

For people looking to use SSDs or even PCIe SSDs, Thunderbolt 3 will give you incredible performance when working with high-resolution files.

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Are you working on projects on a Local Area Network? Need fast performance? Thunderbolt 3 to Gb/E Adapters will allow you to get performance up to 10Gb/s and connect over distances of 100M.
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External GPU

When using ultra thin laptops upgrading your graphics card can be difficult. Thunderbolt 3 allows users to connect an external GPU unit via Thunderbolt 3 to your laptop and upgrade your laptop’s performance.
Thunderbolt 3 RAID

Thunderbolt 3 devices that feature dual Thunderbolt 3 ports allow users to daisy-chain 5 additional Thunderbolt devices for a total of 6 devices to one port.

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Thunderbolt 3 cables offer 40Gb/s throughput and 100W Power Delivery. The reversible Type-C cables are also backwards compatible with USB-C devices.

What to look out for when buying a Thunderbolt 3 Device?

A lot of devices on the market will brand themselves “Thunderbolt 3” but are actually USB-C devices that are Thunderbolt 3 compatible and offer either 5Gb/s or 10Gb/s performance in comparison to the 40Gb/s of Thunderbolt 3. Devices that are genuine Thunderbolt 3 devices have gone through testing with Intel and Apple and require certification before they can be released to the market. USB-C devices on the other hand do not need certification and can be freely released, which is why you will see an abundance of USB-C devices that will often brand themselves as Thunderbolt 3 but are actually not.

We recommend to check Intel’s Thunderbolt 3 site to look for approved and certified Thunderbolt 3 devices that offer full performance and compatibility.

More info: Thunderbolt Technology Website.


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