Testimonials-CalDigit User Stories

Conor MacLeod Keenan
"Whether you’re looking for a robust docking solution, or just need something with more performance than a USB hub, I can’t recommend the TS3 Plus highly enough." Read More…

Matt McGinley
"Having the one cable of the TS3 Plus to connect it all is the first time I've felt like the promise of Thunderbolt 3 has been realized." Read More…

"...the TS3 Plus is so exapandable, that I cannot imagine ever needing another dock." Read More…

Mac Talk Tech
I use the CalDigit device daily and so far I’ve had only very positive experiences with it. I highly recommend the CalDigit storage options. Read More…

Corey Robinson
I’m proud to use CalDigit drives for all my media storage and archive. My go-to combination in the field is a VR mini 2 RAID for dumping cards as needed during the day, then making another copy to the T4 RAID once I have a reliable power source at base camp. Read More…

Skull Bound
I would recommend CalDigit to anyone serious about protecting their digital assets, boosting overall workflow speed while knowing you’ve got piece of mind backed by the best customer service and warranty in the business. CalDigit is a no brainer…. Read More…

CalDigit AV Pro
GLP make films that educate, inspire and entertain through authentic and diverse stories from around the world. They use the CalDigit AV Pro on location to back-up their files. Watch More…

Karl So from Pacific Portals talks about his Professional workflow that includes the CalDigit T3 Thunderbolt RAID. Watch More…

Cody Foltz
I’ve always been impressed with CalDigit products ever since I began listening to The Digital Production Buzz back in 2006, so when I decided to start my own company, I knew I needed reliable storage and a reliable company that would stand behind their product. It was an obvious choice to choose CalDigit and implement your products which have been working non stop ever since. Read More…

Get Back, a Vimeo short film
This short film by Eliot Rausch used the CalDigit AV Pro to edit all of its footage. This short film was part of the “Hello, Again” series, which asks filmmakers to reimagine the familiar into something fresh and new. Rausch found himself increasingly distracted by his phone, his email, and his need to be in touch. He realized that he was losing sense of what he was actually connected to. He made this film to explore the way humans connect in an era when they are more "connected" than ever. Watch Now

Richard Heathcote
Richard Heathcote is a voice over artist in the UK, providing audio for radio and TV adverts, web based audio commercials, on-hold and IVR for phone systems, corporate video narration and everything else in between. He has gained a healthy list of clients from all over the globe, including large nationals & multinationals, as well as bluechip corporations. The likes of The GSMA, AstraZeneca, HSBC, BMW, Cisco ...etc. Read More…

Ryan Van Duzer
Ryan Van Duzer calls himself a super charged, life lovin’, bike ridin’, bean eatin’, goofball with a passion for adventure and saving the world. Ryan is a backpack journalist who has traveled the world by mean of bicycle. Using the bus powered CalDigit VR mini, Ryan was able to pack it on his latest adventure.
Read More…

Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts is a Toronto native Animator, Designer, Illustrator and Director now living in New York. He has created commercial animation for clients like Honda, Ford and Kellogg’s, as well as film and television animation for ABC/Disney, Soapnet, HBO Documentary Films, Decode Entertainment, The Juggernaut Productions, and directors like Ron Mann and Doug Block.
Read More…

Ryan Martinek
Ryan Martinek is a gifted photographer who resides in the snowy Colorado mountains. They say a photo is worth a thousand words, and Martinek understands this, that's why he only trusts his photography to CalDigit storage solutions.
Read More…

The Green Room with Paul Provenza
Offers comedy fans the chance to see the world's greatest comedians in a roundtable setting, speaking off-the-cuff and uncensored in front of a studio audience. We needed to have the best drives we could find. That's when our tech guru pointed us towards CalDigit.
Read More…

When it was time to upgrade to shared storage, Brazilian production house Brokolis, chose the CalDigit SuperShare. Check out this video from Brokolis featuring their thoughts and comments on working with the CalDigit SuperShare.
Watch Video…

malbon Brothers Farms
malbon Brothers Farms (mBF) is a full service strategic creative branding and marketing agency focusing on the art of nuance marketing? mBF works because they focus on identifying and utilizing societal cues
Read More…

Since 1992, Logos Research Systems, Inc. has become the world's largest developer of Bible software and leader in multilingual electronic publishing. With over 130 partners and providing more than 12,000 Bible study resources online to customers all over the world.
Read More…

Michael Gay is a freelance editor, based in the San Francisco Bay area. Nearly 30 years of formats, bulky gear and various tech?sector edits, gave way. In 1999, a phone call, asking for an editor to work a burgeoning event known as the "X?Games." Since then, sporting events became the norm.
Read More…

Update from Stephen May
Stephen May is a talented editor and videographer who has worked with multiple companies and top clients. Check out his thoughts on the CalDigit HDElement.
Read More…

Stephen May
Stephen May is a talented editor and videographer who has worked with multiple companies and top clients. Check out his thoughts on the CalDigit HDElement.
Read More…

Gratis 7 Media Group
Director and producer Thomas C. Johnstone of Gratis 7 Media Group has spent the last 5 years working in Rwanda, Africa, documenting the story of Rwanda's first national cycling team. Part of the making of this film included the CalDigit VR, VR mini, and HDElement. Read More…

Copy Right Video
Founded in 1985 by Robert Carbone and John Beverly Jones, Copy Right Video embraced the idea of bringing boutique quality and service to video duplication. Copy Right Video was one of the first companies to offer video for the Internet, CD and DVD. Read More…

Everett Marshall
Watch Everett Marshall talk about his first documentary, "A Different Speed of Life", the transformation and journey of a selfish man to one fighting for a cause, and how the CalDigit HDOne made it possible.Watch Video…

John McDonald
John McDonald is an Emmy Award winning filmmaker who has been producing and directing award winning films since 1970s. His portfolio includes "Cotton Eyed Joe" (1972), "Counter Attack: Crime in America" (1982), "The Ghost Mountain Experiment" (2007), and more. Read More…

Ulrik Bang
In photographer Ulrik Bang's world, CalDigit is synonymous with Reliable. A long time user of the CalDigit brand, Ulrik has owned and used several different products from the S2VR to the CalDigit VR Mini to the HDOne. Here are some of his thoughts on what makes CalDigit stand out and above the competition. Read More…

Indigo Post
Indigo Post is a San Diego post-production design studio. We take an idea, product or brand and bring it to digital life with our expertise in motion graphics, editorial, design and animation. We are inspired by the endless creative possibilities that transform concepts into ideas in motion…Read More…

Trevor Ward
A couple months ago, award winning director Trevor Ward sent us some of his thoughts on CalDigit and pictures of his award winning documentary "I Met With An Accident", both on site in India and at the 2010 Sun Screen Film Festival…Read More…

PolarArt Productions
Based in Northern Alaska, PolarArt's RED ONE and surround-sound capture serves broadcast, commercial, interpretive, and theatrical markets, as well as their award-winning independent productions. Read More…

Sync Films
I can be confident that my Media is safe and secure on the Caldigit raid and that I can undertake any project unto 2k without any worries of losing data or a problem occurring as with my project it worked beautiful… Read More…

CMPC production studio
"The CalDigit HDOne not only has advanced technology, but is also quiet, which's suitable for our editing facilities. Surprisingly, the 8-bay, CalDigit HDOne can also work for 1:1 uncompressed editing, and provides sustained throughput when running HD quality." … Read More…

Raymond Singer
I've used the early S2VR drives [still do], the HDPro and the HDOne. They're all great. Is one better than the other? It depends on what your needs are, what the demands of the project are. That's the point. Maybe you don't need an HDPro. Maybe you do. Talk to Jon or Leslie and they'll get you into the right system based on the projects you work on… Read More…

Harbor Branch
I am a new user of CalDigit products and still on the early part of the curve learning to use the many capabilities in Final Cut Studio, so the availability of customer support is a hefty consideration when investing in new technology, especially when considering the rigors of use in unconventional environments. CalDigit's tech support was able to... Read More...

CinemaLink Films
CalDigit HDPro 6TB is being used by CinemaLink alongside Xena 2K boards for the post-production of the feature film ?otel Atl?tico?by Suzana Amaral, one of Brazil's most respected and awarded directors. Suzana has won over 23 awards worldwide in her career, including the Silver Bear in the Berlin Film Festival for ?he Hour of the Star? and has been highly acclaimed across North America and Europe. ?otel Atl?tico?is currently on production, being shot on 16mm and post-production workflow will be done entirely on 2K frame format... Read More...

Malone Media Group
The CalDigit HDPro drives handled the entire project flawlessly. We finished in Final Cut Pro? HDCam 10-bit Uncompressed CODEC, running on a G5 Quad. The performance and interface was impressive. The HDPro handled all of the footage seamlessly and beautifully. In the end, the project was so successful with Mitsubishi... Read More...

Video Atlanta
Video Atlanta purchased the SRV2 HD 1.5 TB and we could not be more pleased. I have built my own internal SATA raid in our G5 with mixed results. This raid box is well built. The PCI controller card comes with it making it very simple to purchase and install. I would recommend this product absolutely... Read More...

MTV and Dominos Pizza Projects
I just wanted to thank you for sending us the 2 S2VR Duo units ... to test on our current commercial projects with MTV and Dominos Pizza, and thy have been most impressive... Read More...

Siho Media
We just finished posting all of the high def extras for an upcoming HD-DVD release and the S2VR worked seamlessly with Final Cut Pro. We captured source material from HDCAM SR, HDV and Digital BETACAM using an AJA Kona 3 card... Read More...

... We have just come to the end of our latest project and wanted to let you know how impressed we are with the S2VR Duo drives we purchased from you earlier this year. It's not everyday that one finds a product that seems to offer more for less, while maintaining a high standard of quality... Read More...

PolarArt Productions
... I've finished the first cut of my film and only just installed and set up the raid, yesterday. Amazing hardware!! Works beautifully. I've set up the protect mode and am still running read and write speeds of nearly 300MB/s. The uncompressed footage flows as smooth as glass... Read More...

Paradigm Video Productions
I just recently completed a High Definition project of 36 minutes that was shot and edited at 720P 24PN using FCP 5 and the CalDigit S2VR-Duo. For anyone who has worked in HD, you know the demands it puts on your hard drives. The S2VR-Duo came through with flying colors. With it's size, speed, capacity, affordability...Read More...

EMP|SFM [Experience Music Project|Science Fiction Museum]
Since the early 2000s, EMP l SFM has been a economic driver among the Seattle nonprofit arts and culture organizations and has welcomed over 4.5 million visitors. EMP l SFM's mission is to "explore and amplify ideas that fuel contemporary, creative culture"....Read More...

Herbie Hancock
I have a keyboard and Power Mac G5 computer with Logic Pro as a software solution that I use as a "catch-all" for all the softsynths and music software that I might need for recording or that I want to try out before including them in my touring rig. The 2 - S2VR HD eSATA units provide more than adequate speed, storage... Read More...

Dick Dale
The CalDigit is a creature that hooks a ride with Jimmy and me whenever and wherever we go on tour with our MacBook Pro laptops.... It is blazingly fast in transfers.... just plug it in. Our G5 at home cruises like Mad Max when we do the hookup thing with the ''digit'', (thats what i call it) Easy to use, feels and looks pro, the digit performs without a hitch.... Read More...

HDPro2- Easy, Cool, and Quiet
By Nicholas Hasson (Editor. Burbank, CA. - https://www.niceedits.com)

I have been using Caldigit for over 3 years now. My company is EDIT.

EDIT is a full service finishing company powered by 2 HDPRO2's and a 10Gigabit Ethernet network. All of our editing and visual effects work is done in Autodesk Smoke. We have two systems that each have a dedicated 8TB HDPRO 2 storage system. This allows us to have two editors working in 2k at the same time. All of our systems are tied with 10G Ethernet. This allows other systems to access the HDPRO2's with up to 350MB a second speeds. Once all the editing and visual effects work is complete, a dpx sequence is sent to Da Vinci Resolve for color correction. Our resolve does not have local storage. The HDPRO2's are mounted on the resolve via 10G. We can actually have the smoke and resolve playing off of the same set of drives.

EDIT helped director Kevin Tancharoen (Fame) with his film Mortal Kombat Rebirth. Edit provided 2k conform, vfx as well as red file management. The project was shot at 4k and conformed at 2048x1556. The HDPRO2 gave us the ability to playback everything without dropping any frames. That was important because the director was very hands on. We played with all the visual effects in context. This allowed us to see how the visual effects worked together with sync sound. Mortal Kombat was released on you tube and amassed over 2 million hits in its first two days of being viral.

Right from the start, the HDpro2 was an easy fit. It installed with little effort and has been maintenance free since. We have the HDpro2 in the room with us. Its quiet and does not generate allot of heat.

Nicholas Hasson

CalDigit HDOne
By Scott Davis (Editor. Brooklyn, New York)

About 8 months ago I was contacted to consult on building a system for a major documentary. I was told that there would be upwards of 400 hours of footage for the project. I knew I had to spec out a completely reliable storage system (re-capturing 400 hours of footage with a deadline looming was not acceptable). We ended up getting the HDOne. I was immediately impressed with everything about the CalDigit unit. From the packaging to quality of the unit. Everything fit together perfectly and with a heft like a Mercedes door closing.

About 4 months into the project I noticed that there was a red light on one of the drives. I had not noticed any performance degradation in the unit at all. I did not even know what the red light meant. I looked it up and "oh crap" it means a drive died. Then it hit me; one of our drives died, we have been working full bore on this unit for probably days with it dead and not even noticed. What an amazing product! I called CalDigit, they asked for some numbers, sent a replacement drive overnight. After it arrived I shut down the unit, pulled out the dead drive and put in the new one, fired it up and it began to rebuild itself. 4 hours later all was back to "normal". It truly amazed me that we had not even skipped a beat with a drive dying. Now that is assurance I will take to any upcoming projects.

I can't speak highly enough of the HDOne. Thank you CalDigit!

Scott Davis

S2VR HD - The only 5 drive solution that can do uncompressed HD!
By Bob Zelin (Video Engineering and systems integration. Orlando, FL.)

For standard def, the solution from CalDigit is teriffic, and very reliable. You can get it from Maxxdigital in california. The CalDigit is the only 5 drive solution that can do uncompressed HD.

Bob Zelin

S2VR HD - The first Mac Pro drivers
By Don Wilson (Americana Media, Inc. Studio City, CA. - https://www.AmericanaMediaInc.com)

I have a mixture of CalDigit and Huge drives and they both are great. I've never had a single issue with either and both capture uncompressed (well that's not true, all HD is compressed) HDCam and D5 flawlessly. I like the CalDigit guys as do I the Huge guys. I gave CalDigit a shot as I met them at NAB...with a great desire to help and they were the first to get me MacIntel drivers...

Don Wilson

S2VR Duo - Working like a monster!
By Wayne Granzin (UNDERSTAND INC. Houston, Texas. - https://www.understandinc.com/)

Hey just wanted to drop a line a say that my duo drive is here and in the production chain and is working like a monster! Been throwing various dvcproHD files at it and it just laughs and says ?imme more!? very pleased with my purchase and with YOUR service.

S2VR HD - Excellent price, solid product!
By Ron Thompson (Riot Productions. Fairfield, NJ. - https://www.riotproductions.net/)

CalDigit is great! I built a second edit system (KonaLH) and installed a S2VR HD. Delivered 5 shows for network, loaded 20+ hours of DVCPRO50 and ran the system for about 3 weeks straight--in some cases day and night with multiple editors. The drives are a work horse…dare I say right up there with the Medea and Huge.

I have uncompressed HD footage that I ran a loop test with, and the drives had no problem with them.

Excellent price, solid product. I've had it for a little over 2 months now.

RIOT Productions
G5, Kona LH, Atto UL4D, FCP5, QT 7.

S2VR HD - Drive working great!
By Eyad Hamam (Video Editor. Aman, Jordan.)

System Details:
G5 Power PC 2.3 ghz
2.5 gigs RAM
Decklink Extreme

"Hi, I received the S2VR HD drive and it is working great…"

S2VR Duo - Everything has been smooth sailing!
By Jonah Nolan (Video Editor. Herndon, VA.)

"Hello, Just bought your S2VR Duo last week to do some editing while on vacation (don? ask). Everything has been smooth sailing so far ?nice product, guys…"

S2VR Duo - I love the CalDigit S2VR Duo
By Jeremy Torres (Photographer, Fort Wayne, Indiana)

"I have received my new S2VR Duo and am running on Mac OS X 10.4.8. I have a PowerMac G5 dual 2.0GHz (PCIx). I loaded all Aperture libraries to S2VR Duo, everything is working fine… I love the CalDigit S2VR Duo. I've tried other SATA II external solutions, and yours is unquestionably the best in regards to build quality and support."
Workflow - Configure Aperture Library to CalDigit S2VR Duo






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